Our First 6-Week Course Is Live!

Are you an #ecom founder struggling to scale your business?
Has your #DTC business hit a stagnating wall?
Does 10X growth scare the 💩 out of you?
Do you want to master the growth mindset?

You’re gonna love this.

Our 6-week course with The Copy Club boils down to optimising in preparation for growth. This is how you grow a business from a $1m – $68m run rate in 9 months (we did this in 2020).

We’ll cover all the good sh*t:

💆 Finding your unfair advantage (to crush the competition)
📈 Analysing data to plug the gaps and eat up opportunities
🤖 Optimising the structure of your site for optimal growth
🧐 Identifying and planning your growth strategy
💅 Nailing your end-to-end CRM to attract, convert and retain

And combine everything you’ve learnt into an actionable growth roadmap for your ecom business. Use it, abuse it and scale it to hit the biggest numbers you’ve seen to-date 🤑

Sound like a bit of you? (f*ck yeah!)
Sign up today: https://lnkd.in/ddAiiwR

Doors close Monday. Decide over the weekend.
“£650 well spent”, said someone in 6 weeks.

First session starts Tuesday 15th June.
See you there 🚀🚀🚀

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