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Performance In Numbers

241% Growth, With 100% YoY Revenue Lift in 2022-2023 From 98% Increased Marketing Spend.

87% Revenue Growth in 3 Months, With a 369% Increase in New Customer Sales.

From $10M to $240M in 18-months. (Successfully Acquired by Ahsley Home)

101% Total Email Sales Growth in 3 Months, With the Launch of SMS Taking Total CRM Sales Growth to 317%.

Successfully Launched the Digital Consumer Division of Taser, With a 600% ROAS.

Increased Subscriptions by 148% While Decreasing Cost per New Subscribers by 16%.

Idle Brands

From $110K per Month to $4.8M per Month in 9 Months Through Omnichannel Marketing

Scaled from Seed Round to Top 5 Fastest Growing Consumer Brands in Europe (Successfully Exited).

36% Blended CPA Reduction While Increasing Conversion Volume by 33%