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What is 'The Growth Shop Show'?

The first ‘no-bullshit’ ecommerce podcast about scaling your business to $5m, $10m, $15m and beyond. Hosted by Mark Patchett, Growth Shop’s Founder, and featuring an array of ecommerce experts, we can’t wait to share the first episode.

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Nick McKay, Head of design

Our latest design workshop
in Kyiv was one to remember!

Big thanks to all the students at the School of Visual Communication for getting involved and sharing their creativity. We’ll be hosting our next workshop very soon. Check out our YouTube to see more videos just like this one.

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the content isle

What’s on the shelves this week?

Growth Strategist

We’re building something a little different at Growth Shop. We launch our own brands, we invest in supporting technology, we partner with other high potential DTC brands on a revenue and/or equity share basis – real skin in the game brings true partnership. Regardless of how we work the goal remains the same – grow really, really fast but ensure that everyone in the team is having a great time every step of the way.

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“We invest and build brands with growth marketing”

Ria Burke, Head of People


Ria Burke, Head of People

US office opening

We invite you to share this moment with us and celebrate new office opening! The welcome party is sheduled on 27th of May at the Cool Restaurant. Join us!

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